Plant Hire

Scraper Hire

Scraper Hire Experts in South Brisbane and Beyond!

When you need a dependable scraper hire company, D&D Mining is just a phone call away. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have helped countless clients and delivered the highest level of service

What Types of Scraper Hire Services Does D&D Mining Offer Customers?

D&D Mining has access to the highest quality Caterpillar scrapers and scoop machines. Here is a list of some of the types of scrapers and scoops that you can hire.

CAT Scraper in South East Queensland

CAT scrapers are great for a number of different types of projects. Our Caterpillar scraper machines are powerful, have exceptional traction, provide reliable outputs and get projects done quickly. Many customers in South Brisbane and other parts of Queensland have used our CAT scraper services.

D10T Dozer Hire

Your Dependable Dozer Hire Company in South East Queensland!

When you need a contractor that offers dozer hire services, D&D Mining is at the top of your list. We have some of the best dozers on the market for customers in Munruben Forest, Beaudesert, Logan, the Gold Coast, South Brisbane, Brisbane, South East Queensland, and Central Queensland.

D&D Mining have 2 Caterpillar D10T Dozers available, both are wired for GPS and we offer a hire package with or without GPS. We have a number of component operators available aswell. Our rates are dependent on the place and time of the contract.

We also guarantee high-quality service, because our civil contractors and bulldozer operator experts are the very best. Customers from all over Queensland depend on us for bulldozer hire services, because our experts are highly trained and qualified.

What Types of Dozer Hire Services Does D&D Mining Offer to Customers in South Brisbane and Munruben Forest?

When you need a dozer rental company, then D&D Mining has everything that you need. Here are some of the reasons customers depend on us for their dozer hire needs.

16H Grader Hire

Top-of-the-Line Grader Hire Services in South East Queensland.

Are you looking for a high-end grader hire service in Central Queensland? We have the best Caterpillar grader machinery in Munruben Forest, Beaudesert, Logan, the Gold Coast, South Brisbane, Brisbane, South East Queensland, and Central Queensland.

Choose from a range of Caterpillar Grader hire options from Logan to Brisbane and beyond.

D&D Mining has two graders, a Caterpillar 16H and a Caterpillar 12H fitted with GPS and a very competent operator. Grader operators are hard to find, and we can only offer one at this time, however, we will dry hire a grader if you have a component operator to operate our grader.

We hire the best grader operators in the business.

When you hire a 16H grader or 12H grader from D&D Mining you will also receive a fully qualified grader operator working on your site. We also offer the best grader hire rates across Central Queensland to the Gold Coast. Get in touch today!

Hitachi Water Truck Hire

Best Water Truck for Hire in Munruben Forest, Beaudesert and beyond!

D&D Mining provides dependable Hitahchi water truck hire. We offer Hitathchi water trucks for a variety of needs, including dust suppression and mining purposes. Countless customers depend on us for water truck hire on the Gold Coast.

D&D Mining has a Articulated Water Truck available for hire with or without operators, we consider our equipment is in good working order ready for immediate hire.

Count on Us for Water Cartage needs in South Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs.

We offer water truck hire services to customers in Munruben Forest, Beaudesert, Logan and the Gold Coast, South Brisbane, Brisbane, South East Queensland, and Central Queensland. Our water cartage services are rated highly by our loyal customers.

Our Water Truck Hire Fleet available from South East Queensland through to Central Queensland.

Our Water Truck hire currently includes two CAT Articulated Water Trucks capable of hold 40,000 liters of water. These 2018 models are in mint condition and are ready to take on your dust suppression project today.